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Forecheck was formed on a cold, lock-downed, socially distant and quite frankly uneventful training session.

It suddenly dawned on us that Ice hockey is probably one of the most fashion conscious sports there is but unless you enter an ice arena you are unlikely to know this – so why don’t we show the outside world that we are not all toothless grinning neanderthals’ and care about our appearance and design items that everyone can wear.

Outside of appearing on catwalks, we are passionate about player development across all levels from the thousands of junior players to the fiercely followed professional teams in the UK – we have developed a range of items that focuses on and embraces technology to aid muscle repair and reducing muscle fatigue both during and after playing – this in turn will allow these incredible athletes to perform to their physical maximum without the fear of injury. We truly believe in our key values


Mike Snow  – CEO

Forecheck is Mike’s brainchild, he is fiercely devoted to growing a reputable brand and aims  to bring something different to the market, outside of the fashion industry he has had a fairly successful rec hockey career and yet to break any bones. With the support of family and friends he hopes to continue to grow Forecheck and help in the youth development of our amazing sport.


A close friend of Mike Snow, Paul was brought to the team  to oversee the development of the performance items.
Paul brings a lot of experience to the brand, having played at a high standard through the 90s and early 00’s, he went through Billingham and Whitley Bay Juniors and has played in the English National League for the Whitley Bay Warriors.
He joined the Royal Air Force in 2003 and put his Ice Hockey career behind him, however in 2008 he joined the Royal Air Force Ice Hockey team which has seen him play in Canada and Switzerland. Unlike Mike, Paul has been unfortunate to have sustained several injuries from playing. This has given Paul the drive to develop performance garments to afford players and goalies at all levels extra protection that current equipment does not provide.